Established 70,000 Years Ago

Upper loddon Valley

Uncle Rick Nelson

Jaara Elder

Waa Inc is the personal brand of Uncle Rick Nelson, a respected Aboriginal Elder living and practising culture on Jaara Country.

About Uncle Rick

Known as “The Waaman,” Uncle Rick Nelson is a respected Aboriginal Jaara Elder, living and practicing culture on country. He shares the richness of Jaara culture through collaborations with local initiatives, fostering profound appreciation for Jaara life and heritage.

Jaara Country

Located in Central Victoria, Jaara Country is a land steeped in heritage. This rugged terrain, with its extremes of climate, hosts many significant cultural sites. From scar trees to water wells, grinding stones to marker trees, it narrates a rich history of the Jaara people, deeply connected to this rugged yet beautiful landscape.

Jaara History

Located in Central Victoria, Australia the Jaara people have been on this land for a long time, almost 70,000 years. When whitefellas (colonisers) came to this Country in the 1800’s they swiftly removed the Jaara people from their land. Following their wrongful removal, the goldrush lead to the decimation of the natural landscape. With a loss of connection to Country and the damage caused to their land, Jaara people are wounded. Uncle Rick strives to preserve and share what is left of his history and people.

Uncle Rick's


Join Uncle Rick as he leads you on immersive cultural tours through Jaara country. Experience the rich heritage and traditions of the land firsthand as you journey with Uncle Rick. Explore upcoming experiences and book your adventure today on the Uncle Rick’s Waaman Tours website.

Uncle Rick Nelson, Photo Liz Thompson/SharingStories Foundation

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